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Organic cafe 知恵の木へようこそ。
welcome to our cafe.

"Boys be ambisious!" 少年よ大志を抱け!のクラーク博士像で有名な札幌・羊ヶ丘展望台のある丘。Organic cafe 知恵の木は、その丘のそばにある小さなカフェで、2003年に産声を上げました。私たち6人の兄弟が働く治療院となりの車庫を改装してオープンしました。





食べ物は、カラダだけでなく、心や感性の材料でもあります。マクロビオティック料理は、心身をリセットし、バランスを整えるのに役立ちます。Organic cafe 知恵の木で過ごされる時間が、あなたにとって安らぎと健康をとり戻すきっかけとなりますように。


“Boys be ambitious!"

These famous words were spoken by Dr William Smith Clark just before he left Sapporo, where he is still remembered as a great teacher of the agricultural sciences. We can see a statue of him on a hill called “Hitsujigaoka”, his arm outstretched, pointing towards the distant city, and our small cafe, “Organic Café Chienoki”, is not far from the hill.


It is next door to a clinic where five brothers work as therapists. The café was originally a garage, which we remodelled and opened as a café in 2003.


Our cooking style is macrobiotic and organic, and we choose the best ingredients for our dishes. A macrobiotic diet is a healthy diet: it originated in Japan, and many other countries have adopted its philosophy.

In our dishes, we use as few animal products and as little white sugar as possible, but cook cereals and seasonal vegetables, beans and seaweed, with traditonal flavourings. If you are accustomed to eat meat you may at first feel frustrated, but if you chew your food slowly, you will find, after you have eaten, that your body is growing warmer, and you will feel your energy beginning to rise from the deepest part of your body.


Food supplies not only nutrition for the body, but also provides sustenance for the mind and the spirit, and a macrobiotic diet is ideal for establishing a proper balance between the body and the mind. And it is our wish that the time you spend in our café will help you to keep healthy and help you to restore your vital energies.

   Thank you for visiting us.


   Director: noah noah

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